Address: No 440, 3 Floor, Sina building, southeast corner of Ferdows Blvd Shahid Sattari North Highway, Tehran, Iran
+9821 46100980-9
20 September 2014

  • To build and manage multi-modal terminals at the joint spot of cargo transit.
  • To operate the Bafgh-Bandar Abbas line.
  • To equip and possess 50 locomotives.
  • To develop the fleet up to 1000 long-edged wagons.
  • To accomplish the transfer of 300 units from Rah Ahan Sharghi to Sina Rail Pars.
  • To possess or rent 200 units of rakes.
  • To build and equip 600 open-top containers and 400 tank containers for oil transport.
  • To start forwarding activities in international rail logistics.