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27 June 2015

Sina Rail Pars CEO: Iron ore is the most abundant mineral and the consumption of raw materials in the world.

Mr Satei Added: The region has six areas of mineral reserve is estimated that 1,135 million tons, 270 million tons, with the number one area of mineral reserve and mineral industrial complex owned by Gol Gohar and operation of stone it is underway.

He pointed to the location of the complex, said the complex 55 km South West of Sirjan in Kerman province with a distance of 250 km from the provincial capital is located. The company is one of the largest producers of iron ore concentrate and pellets in the country and there are rich deposits of iron ore, machinery operation and prospects of development projects, the company has become one of the region's most important economic centers. Pelletizing project set to begin in year 2005 and year 2011 was launched into operation.

Mr Satei finally added: The implementation of projects in the near future annual production of the company reached 12 million tonnes, compared to 30% of the country's steelmaking is required. However, companies in the city of Sirjan city has led to an economic boom and an increase in the level of employment with the company implementing the project, there will be significant growth in this area.