Sunday 16 June 2019



Sina Rail Transport  Co. is a railway freight transport company and it is a part of the transportation holding of  Mostazafan Foundation, named Rah Negar Pars. It started their activities from  2012 following a decision to separate the passenger and freight transportation from each other in the system, this company specializes in rail transportation of some materials such as: minerals, iron stone, pellet, cement and clinker, oil, gas, petrochemicals and condensates, chemicals, acids, industrial and edible oil and also in transportation of various containers, tank containers and gas intended ISO tanks and international transportation, imports, exports, transit and logistics. During a period of activity, it has managed to work successfully with big industrial companies like, South Kaveh Steel (SKS), National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPD), Iran Alumina Company, Petro Khazar Co. In both national and international transport. The company's rolling stock includes all kinds of wagons.

Having skilled and professional staff, Sina Rail Pars has managed to play a considerable role in the rail transportation of goods, on both national and international levels. It has made attempt to base all these activities on research and knowledge, Which has caused the company to remain in the position of making informed choices.

Sina Rail Pars Co. Has high hopes of achieving an excellent future performance by reaching high standards of rail transportation services for its customers and expanding its scope of activities toward multimodal transportation.

Date: 16 June 2015